Facts and Fun Questions on FOBs 

      What is a FOB?

      A FOB is a type of security token or a small hardware device with built-in authentication mechanisms. FOBs and similar devices such as Smart Cards provide user authentication for entry and other software systems.  

      Why do we need FOBs?

      Our Master Board determined in Fall 2010 that the installation of fencing and a gate access system at Pioneer Park would be paramount in order to protect this valuable common area and its amenities.  FOBs grant access through the entry system. 

      How do we order FOBs?

      The easiest way to order FOBs is online: CLICK HERE TO ORDER FOBs 

      Where do we pick up our FOBs?

      You will receive an email once your order is ready. The Prescott Companies 16880 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92127 

      How many FOBs should we order?

      The first primary FOB is $10 – members may elect to purchase one that can be shared by the whole family. The price for a secondary or replacement FOB is $45 each (limit of three). 

      How can I order a FOB for a non-member/tenant?

      Members who wish to authorize tenants, nannies or other non-members to purchase or pickup FOBS or Photo IDS are required to complete a NON-MEMBER AUTHORIZATION FORM 

      Members who wish to ADD MEMBERS of their household who are not listed on the deed or accounting order to purchase or pickup FOBS or Photo IDS are required to complete an ADDITIONAL MEMBER AUTHORIZATION FORM  

      What is the difference between a FOB and a Photo ID?

      FOBs are required to open the entry turnstile at Pioneer Park. A Photo ID is used only to verify residency at HOA-sponsored events, and offers no gate access capabilities. Members who plan to attend events such as the Spring Egg Hunt, Movies in the Park, Fall Concert in the Park, and the Fourth of July Carnival and Fireworks should purchase individual Photo IDs for the whole family. Please note: Drivers Licenses will NOT be acceptable forms of ID at events.

      Why do we have to pay for FOBs?

      FOBs present an ancillary cost not covered by assessments, and are required for 4S Ranch members who wish to access the park.